As travellers make their way through the beautifully lush and scenic mountain pass road connecting Haenertsburg and Tzaneen, they are offered a welcome respite from their travels at the quaint oasis of Tenby Gardens.

Located in the heart of Georges Valley, running north-east from Ebenezer Dam to Tzaneen Dam, Tenby Gardens is the ideal stop over to stretch your legs, fill your bellies and relax in the shaded, well-manicured grounds of our lovely property, located in one of the most gorgeous regions of Limpopo province.

A family-run establishment, Tenby Gardens prides itself on outstanding service-with-a-smile, hearty, homemade meals, excellent coffee and ice-cold refreshments, not-to-mention our beautiful gardens which are available for picnics, braais, family get-togethers, matric farewells, corporate events, conferences and even weddings!

Our property also offers a fully-stocked nursery, a fishing dam and plenty of spacious, outdoor seating to lap up the lovely weather of Limpopo during your stay!

If you are new to the region, we highly recommend taking to the open road and exploring the circular pass of Georges Valley Road and the Magoesbaskloof traverse – both connecting to the tropical garden city of Tzaneen.